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If your following our Home Clean Home series than you know that every Saturday is Family Day. Our Family Day always starts with our family meeting, which we have over breakfast. In a future post I will share with you more about our family meeting. Once we finish our meeting and completing our daily responsibilities we work on a household project together. This weekend we are working on some organizing tasks and some household repairs that need to be done. When all of our work is finished that is when we get to spend time together doing something fun.

Sunday's are our families Planning Day and last Sunday as we were planning our Family Fun Activity the kids suggested that we have a movie night.  Whenever we plan movie night we always try to make a big production out of it. Wreck-It Ralph, which was released on DVD this week, was the movie that we all agreed on. I like to plan activities around the movie theme but I always worry when it's a new release that it might not be available. However, being the Fluster Buster that I am, I found that I could reserve the movie ahead of time through Redbox. Yay! Now on to the activities.

Planning activities around a movie that you've never seen can be challenging. Luckily for me this is a Disney movie so it's pretty easy to find information. Here are some of the things that we'll be doing to make our movie night a big production. 

1. Roll out the red carpet - because this is a new release I wanted the kids feel like they were going to a movie premier. I have some cheap red material that I had picked up for another movie premier that we did and will lay it out on the floor leading to our living room.

2. Decorating - I found Wreck-It Ralph party supplies on clearance at Party City. For under $10 I was able to buy a Wreck-It Ralph table cloth, plates and napkins.

3. Dinner - We make homemade pizza at least once a week in our house. Whirlwind of Surprises has a really fun Wreck-It Ralph twist that we'll be using..

4. Dessert - Spoonful has a delightful recipe for creating Sour Bill cupcakes. I'll definitely be serving these little sour pusses. 

5. Activities - I'll be pulling out some sugary yummy's so we can all try to recreateSpoonful's Sugar Cone Race Cart

6. Movie Time - Once we're done with dinner and our activities, we'll walk the red carpet to our Wreck-It Ralph movie premier. 

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