Robin Buster

Here is a really fun project that kiddos of any age can do and enjoy. My kids and I do this every year. It is called Santa Dust. All you have to do is mix glitter with quick oats. Then you sprinkle the Santa Dust on your lawn. This is a magical dust - the glitter sparkles in the moonlight to help Santa find your house and the smell of the oats will guide his reindeer.

This also makes a great inexpensive Christmas gift for their classmates and friends. To give as a gift we put about a cup full into a sandwich bag, tie the bag off with some pretty Christmas ribbon and attach a homemade gift tag (made on the computer).

The Gift Tag says:

On Christmas Eve sprinkle this
on your lawn.  The glitter will
sparkle in the moonlight and help
Santa find your house.  The smell
of the oats will guide his reindeer.

From, Jacob

Merry Christmas!
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