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Do you make New's Years Resolutions? New Years resolutions are a great tool for self-improvement. The New Year signifies a new beginning and we find our selves wanting to improve our quality of life. So we make resolutions to improve the things in our life that are lacking. However, this is a depressing ritual that few people can see through to fruition. Every year we start out with the best intentions but by mid March they fizzle out and die. So a few years ago I decided that I would never make a New Years resolution again. I would work on self-improvement throughout the year, without the pressure of the "New Years Resolution" stigma. Well this didn't work either, my busy life got in the way of sticking to a self-improvement plan-of-action.

I still wanted a plan-of-action for improving my life and I wanted to set a specific date to start but without the pressure of a strict schedule. So a couple of years ago my husband and I came up with an idea. Instead of setting a personal self-improvement resolution we would set a family-improvement resolution theme.

The first year, on New Years Eve, my husband and I unveiled to our children our first annual "Welch Family New Years Theme". The theme for 2008 was "Giving". Throughout the year we would find different and unique ways to give. We would do this through money, time and of ourselves as a family. It was a lot of fun coming up with really unique ways to give.

One unique thing that we did as a family, was to rent a hotel room on Christmas Eve, we put up a small tree and bought a few generic gifts (socks, hat & mittens and McDonalds gift certificates). Then we found a homeless person and gave them the room as a Christmas gift. Although we were giving this great gift to someone we didn't know it turned out that we were the one's recieving the greatest gift of all. Everyone of us felt the true spirit of giving that day and it was the best culmination for our year of Giving.

Our theme for 2009 was "Responsibility". My husband and I thought this would be a good tool for teaching the kids to take resposibility for their actions. However, this theme took a turn that neither my husband or I expected. We again told the kids that we needed to think of different and unique ways to show responsibility. Of course, they started out with wanting a new pet, but we quickly explained that we needed to think of things that were unique (thank goodness we got out of that one). 

So after much brainstorming, our 7 year old son, out of no where, suggested that we start recycling because "we need to be responsible for taking care of earth". His suggestion opened up the door for a huge list of things that neither my husband or I ever considered. 2009 is ending up to be a very responsible year. We were responsible for our actions, our words, our thoughts, our enviroment, our finances, our government and the list goes on.

Now we are heading into 2010 and our theme this year is "Teamwork". I am really excited to see what direction Teamwork will take once the kids start to come up with different and unique ideas.

I need to come up with some different and unique ideas for "Teamwork". Once I get it started the kids seem to out shine any ideas that my husband or I have. However, much to my dismay neither my husband or I have any great ideas to start with.  So I could really use your help coming up with some ideas. If you have any suggestions just leave me a comment or email me. 

Team Welch

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