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Soft Scrub Captain Reporting for Duty!

Well it is official, Soft Scrub sent me my first official orders as a Soft Scrub Captain. They sent me a bottle of a new product, not yet available to the general public, called "Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl".  My orders were to try it, take a few pictures, and report my findings.

I received the top secret package in the mail a few days ago. I purposely chose not to use the product immediatley, so that my report would be as accurate as possible.

"Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl" was on stake out, hiding in a bathroom cupboard for 2 days waiting to take out the enemy. In the mean time four men of varying heights and ages ruthlessly invaded the Bathroom. While the undercover agent, Clean Freak did everything she could to refrain taking down the enemy. When Clean Freak couldn't handle it any more, she and her partner "Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl" moved in. Clean Freak was armed with a sponge and her partner was armed with a lethal combination of cleaners and deodorizers. Together they were going to clean up the joint.

When they finally breached the threshold to the bathroom the two were ready to clean up. "Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl" was 'Foaming' at the mouth when it saw the bath tub. It went straight to work, getting 'Foam' all over that tub. Clean Freak came in right behind, with her sponge in hand and wiped out the enemy.

The two then snuck over to the sink. "Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl" began salivating, anticipating the total annihilation of the enemy 'soap scum'. It was salivating so much that it "Sprayed" all over the sink, counters and faucets. Its lethal spray knocked the enemy down and Clean Freak came in and wiped 'em out.

The two were now up against their biggest challenge yet. The four ruthless invaders had made this an impossible mission. Clean Freak didn't think that they could do it, but "Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl" told her that it had a secret weapon. She put her faith in "Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl" and reluctantly agreed to try.  They began phase 1 of the plan - clean up the outside of the bowl. "Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl" sprayed the enemy and Clean Freak wiped them out.

They then moved to phase 2 of the plan - get inside and wipe out the enemy as quickly and with as little mess as possible. "Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl" began 'Foaming' at the mouth again creating a distraction to the enemy. Clean Freak snuck in, with sponge in hand, and wiped out that scum. However, that wasn't the end more scum was lurking just under the rim and she tried as hard as she could to wipe them out but couldn't. "Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl" pushed Clean Freak aside. It then flipped upside down and began spraying the enemy hiding under the rim. Clean Freak was amazed at what "Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl" had done, she had never seen anything like that before. She then hurried in to wipe out the remaining enemies.

"Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl" and Clean Freak were sure to cover their tracks by wiping down the tile and grout as the exited.  This was a successful mission and General "Soft Scrub Total Kitchen" awarded them with the "Soft Scrub Club" badge.

*As I was demonstrating the upside down manuevers of the "Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl" and trying to film it with the other hand I dropped my camera in the toilet.  The camera doesn't work now but it is really, really clean and smells good.

Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl - The Only Cleaner You'll Need For:
  • Sinks
  • Faucets
  • Countertops
  • Tub and Shower walls
  • Inside and outside the toilet bowl
  • Tile & Grout
  • Foam
  • Spray
  • Fine mist spray
  • Right side up or upside down
This is a really cool product, I would definately buy it.
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