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Check out this great deal on Proctor and Gamble Kits available at Target. All of their P&G Kits are 75% OFF. They were originally $50.00 and you can snag them for just $12.50 each. Shipping is FREE if you purchase $50.00 or more.

Big Man on Campus Grooming Kit
Includes: 6.2-oz. Crest Scope mint toothpaste, 44-mL Scope mint mouthwash, Oral-B 40 soft bristle toothbrush, 12-oz. deep cleaning shampoo, 11.5-oz. hydrating conditioner, styling gel mess constructor, 6-oz. styling gel flex, 7-oz. Fusion Hydra moisturizing gel, Fusion razor, 2.6-oz. Gillette clear shield invisible solid antiperspirant and 8.4-oz. Gillette dry skin hydrator and body wash.

Dirty Dorm Clean Up Kit  SOLD OUT
Includes: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser 2-pk., Swiffer starter kit, Bounty basic white paper towel roll, 19-oz. Dawn lavender dishwashing liquid, 50-oz. Tide 2x liquid laundry detergent, 80-ct. Bounce outdoor fresh dryer sheets, 9.7-oz. Febreze spring and renewal air affects spray.

To Your Health Wellness Kit
Includes: 12 caplets of Vicks DayQuil with Vitamin C, 8-oz. bottle of Pepto Bismol liquid, Oral-B toothbrush with medium bristles, 4-oz. Crest ProHealth mint toothpaste, Glide whitening floss with Scope, Crest ProHealth mouthwash, Puffs Plus tissue cube (60 two-ply sheets) and PUR 2-stage CR 6000 oval pitcher.

Pretty Fabulous Beauty Kit
Includes: Oral-B 40 soft bristle toothbrush, 6.2-oz. Crest Scope mint toothpaste, 44-mL Scope mouthwash, 2.7-oz. Secret solid powder fresh deodorant, 4-oz. Olay Complete All Day UV lotion, Cover Girl Lash Blast black mascara, 10-oz. Olay Body Butter Ribbons body wash, 22-oz. Herbal Essence Volume Body shampoo and conditioner, Venus Embrace razor and 7-oz. Satin Care shave gel.

(Thanks, SD)
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