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This has nothing to with saving money but I just had to share.

I think of myself as being a pretty hip mom and for the most part my kids do too. I think it is really important to keep up with all of the latest fads: music, celebrities, fashion, pop culture and lingo. By keeping up with the latest fads it helps you to better relate your children (it also helps you know what your children are up to).

So I thought that I would share one of the new "Terms" that my son used last night that I had never heard before, this way when you hear it you will know what the heck they are saying.

So last night my son was rambling on about nothing, it was one of those conversations where they say absolutely nothing but use a lot of words to do it.  So when he was done I gave my normal response to this type of conversation, "WHAAAT?" His respose was "I was just 'Spitballin' mom.". So of course my next respose was "What the heck is 'Spitballin'?"

Spitballin' - When you talk about nothing just to fill in a lull in a conversation.

So if you want to be the hip parent, be sure to call them out when they begin spitballin', they will definately be surprised when they realize that you know the term.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    i am 20 and never heard this so i feel old LOL

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