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Update: Unfortunately, is giving you a link to use the $15.00 FTD Floral Reward with. The link doesn't include the $19.99 Rose Bouquet that I posted about. Still $23.99 for a $50 dinner, 1-doz roses and chocolates isn't a bad deal. Thanks for the heads up Carrie.

Here is another great way for you to keep some money in your pocket this Valentine's Day. Head over to to save 80% on $25.00 Restaurant Gift Certificates plus you'll receive a $15.00 FTD Floral Reward. Use the code HEART at checkout and you will only pay $2.00 for a $25.00 gift certificate. Valid until 2/14/10. This is an fantastic deal.

Once you receive your $15.00 FTD Floral Reward use it on the $19.99 FTD Roses and Chocolate deal that I posted about. You will be able to snag the Roses and Chocolates for just $4.99.
Frugal Valentines for $8.99
Buy: (2) $25 Gift Certificates @ $10 each
(1) Beautiful Love Mixed Rose Bouquet @ $19.99
          Total = $39.99
Use: Coupon code HEART at
$15.00 FTD Floral Reward
         Total = (-$31.00) (-$16.99)
Final Price: $8.99  $23.99 for Dinner, Roses & Chocolate
*Tip and minimum purchase not included
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4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    They didn't mention anything about roses when I booked the order at and used the code HEART.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Never mind! I just got it.

  3. Carrie (otherwise known as anonymous) Says:

    I'm talking to myself! :) I went to the FTD website through the site (using their link for $15 off) and it says that rose/chocolate combo is $24.99!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I would guess since they are not giving an online code but an automatic link to shop you have to pick from those. I found the price that it showed was AFTER the 15.00 discount. Reminds me of the purchase I made during X-mas with their Red Envelope codes, I stacked them & 2 days later they cancelled my order. I'll happily take my 80% off certificates and FTD can keep their flowers.

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