Robin Buster
As you may already know, my husband and I are moving our family from California to West Virginia. Let me say this: I NEVER intend on doing this again! We have had to sift through 15 years of "Stuff", decide what to keep and what to get rid of. I was so surprised once we started digging in - at all of the junk we had packed away and saved. For what? I always thought that I was pretty good at keeping a handle on the clutter in our lives, but you would not beleive the things that I found. What was I thinking?

As we were going through all of our lost "Treasures" I had to keep reminding myself that I have never seen a "Herst pulling a U-Haul". Believe it or not that statement really helped me to decide what was truely important to me. I got rid of sooooo much stuff and I have to tell you it has been very theraputic. You never really realize how much your stuff can weigh you down until you actually remove it from your life.

So why did we get rid of so much stuff? Well first of all, moving has forced us to address all of the stuff that we put off doing - like going through all of the boxes that we had stored. Secondly, have you ever priced moving trucks? Holy Cow, I think this is where the phrase "Highway Robbery" came from. To rent a moving truck, a tow dolly for one of our vehicles and gas was going to cost us well over $7,000.00. The smaller the truck the less it would cost us was our thought. Well go figure, it wasn't that much of a difference for a smaller truck.

Okay, so I would not be a true Bargain Mavin if I actually gave into "Highway Robbery - no matter how desperate we were. So my husband and I began looking at other options: Pods & moving companies. These were just as expensive or not as easy as we thought they would be. We then had a light bulb moment, we decided to look for a truck and dolly that we could purchase. This way when we got to West Virginia we could sell the truck and dolly and would only be out the gas money.

We began our search with a prayer and then hit craigslist. We found many moving trucks for sale. We looked at a few but found that they weren't healthy enough for such a long haul across the United States. Just when we were about to give up God answered our prayer. We found the perfect size, perfect running and perfect priced truck. In fact, the truck is actually bigger than we need now that we got rid of so much stuff. The best part about this truck is that we can turn around and sell it when we get to West Virginia.

FRUGAL TIP: Always think outside the box for ways to save money on anything that you need or want.
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