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Here is this months list of Rite Aid Video Value Coupons. Watch videos about the latest products and earn Rite Aid in-store coupons. The coupons that you earn can be paired with manufacturer's coupons for even bigger savings. Earn 20 video credits and you will earn a $5/$20 Rite Aid Purchase coupon. To begin earning your Rite Aid Video Value coupons go HERE.

March Video Value Coupons:

$1.50 OFF Advil Cold & Sinus or Allergy Sinus
$1.00 OFF Alevert
$1.00 OFF All Free Clear Liquid Laundry Detergent
$5.00 OFF Alli
$2.00 OFF Arm & Hammer Advance White Dental Care
$1.00 OFF Benadryl
$1.00 OFF Benefiber Orange
$2.00 OFF BeneVia Heart Health
$2.00 OFF BeneVia Strength & Energy
$1.00 OFF Biore Make-up Removing Cloths
$0.35 OFF Bumble Bee Tuna
$1.00 OFF Centrum Cardio
$1.00 OFF Clearasil
$1.50 OFF Coca-Cola
$1.00 OFF Cottonelle
$2.00 OFF Dixie Ultra Plates
$0.10 OFF Elmer’s Glue
$2.00 OFF Fiber Choice
$1.00 OFF Finish Quantum
$5.00 OFF Foster Grant or Magnivision Glasses
$1.00 OFF Garnier Nutrisse
$2.00 OFF Garnier Nutritioniste
$1.00 OFF Green Dot Reloadable Prepaid Cards
$2.00 OFF Huggies
$1.00 OFF John Frieda Root Awakening
$1.00 OFF John Frieda Frizz Ease
$1.00 OFF Johnson & Johnson Baby
$1.00 OFF Kotex Pads
$5.00 OFF Lipo-Flavonoid Plus
$1.00 OFF Lysol Hand Soap Kit
$1.00 OFF Maybelline EyeStudio
$1.00 OFF Nature’s Bounty
$10.00 OFF Nicorette
$1.00 OFF Nivea Body Wash
$1.00 OFF Nivea Body Lotion
$1.00 OFF No Nonsense
$0.50 OFF Oreo
$1.00 OFF Osteo Bi-Flex
$10.00 OFF Prevacid 24 Hour
$6.00 OFF Prevacid 24 Hour
$2.00 OFF Pull-Ups
$2.00 OFF Pull-Ups
$2.00 OFF Purex 3-in-1
$5.00 OFF Replenish Pro-B
$2.00 OFF Right Guard Total Defense
FREE Rite Aid FlavoRX
$1.00 OFF Rite Aid Dryer Sheets or Erase Away
$0.50 OFF Rite Aid Mixed Nuts or Cashews
$1.00 OFF Sundown Vitamins
$2.00 OFF Zyrtec Liquid Gels
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