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My coupons are a mess! They are so disorganized right now. Over the last several weeks I have been buying the Sunday paper like I always do but what I wasn't doing was inventorying them and putting them where they needed to go. So I have a huge mess on my hands that I need to straighten up. Not only are my coupons disorganized but there are some MAJOR changes in the coupons that I receive in the Sunday paper here in West Virginia then the ones I received in California.

Last weekend (May 2) we were suppose to receive 1-Smart Source insert, 1- Red Plum insert and 1- P&G insert. However all I received in all 6 of the papers that I purchased was 1-Smart Source insert in each, needless to say I was not very happy. Then as I began going through the insert I noticed that there were only 30 coupons in the insert. So I took a look at what coupons were available in the paper that I use to purchase when I was in California. I was so upset when I saw that they had 69 coupons available in just the Smart Source insert for May 2nd.

I am definately going to have to change up how and where I get my inserts from. Here are a few options for anyone who is experiencing the same thing.

#1 - Send a friend or family member money every week to pick up a better Sunday paper for you. Don't forget to send them a little extra to cover the cost of shipping and for their time and trouble. *They only need to send you the inserts not the wholde paper - which will save on shipping costs.

#2 - Order a subscription to a better paper from Discounted Newspapers.

#3 - Order just the coupons that you want from each insert from either The Coupon Clippers or The Coupon Master

#4 - Order the whole insert from Coupon & Things by Dede

#5 - Order your coupons or inserts from ebay.

How many papers do you buy every week? How much do you spend? And, how or where do you get them from?
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