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We drink a lot of Crystal Light in our home, so I am always on the look out for coupons to help cut the cost. Right now if you head over to the Crystal Light Facebook page and click the "Like" button you will be able to print all 3 of the following coupons.
  • $1/1 Crystal Light Drink Mix
  • $3/3 Crystal Light Drink Mixes
  • $1/1 Crystal Light Pure Fitness Drink Mix (My kiddos like this!)
Other Facebook Coupons:

$3.00 off Green Works Laundry Detergent
Click the "Like" button and you will immediately be able to print the coupon.

$1/2 Trident Layers
Click the "Like" button, then click the button to print your coupon. Another window will pop up where you will be asked for your personal information. Once you have completed the registration form you can print the coupon. (Coupon will print 2x)

$1/1 Sharpie Retractable Highlighter
School is ending but it will starting again before you know it. I try to build up the kids school supplies throughout the summer so that I am not in a rush when it is time for school to start again. To print the Sharpie Highlighter coupon just click on the "Like" button and you will be able to print your coupon. * I find that these go on sale often at the national office stores.

$1/1 Edwards Singles Dessert
Vote for your favorite mom finalist and get coupon. Click the "Like" button, choose a mom, and click "Vote for Finalist". The coupon link will be located under the picture of the mom that you voted for.

BOGO Tornados
Click the "Like" button and the "Enter the Chowdown". Once you enter the chowdown you will receive 10 points. Then go to the "Prize Vault" (located on the left side) and spend your 10 points to receive the BOGO Tornados Coupon.

$1/1 Lindsay Naturals Green Ripe Olives
These are so yummy! They are usually priced around $2.89 for a (6 oz) can. To print your coupon simply click the "Like" button. (Coupon will print 2x)

$2/2 Armor All Product
Click the "Like" button and you will be able to print your coupon. You can also find a Mail-in-Rebate for a FREE Armor All Wheel Protectant (7-oz). Go HERE to print the rebate form and to get all of the details.
(Thanks, Penny Pinchin Mom)
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